Room Types of Aloe Boutique Hotel

1 Superior Room
22m2 suite for 2-3 guests private balcony or terrace
Superior rooms are located in all buildings, therefore having pool view, sea view or inland view.

2 Executive Loft Suite
32m2 2-4 guests private balcony or terrace
Executive Loft Suite is a 2-level accommodation, featuring spacious living room and bathroom downstairs, whereas sleeping area is upstairs. The levels are not completely separated, but they do provide some privacy. These Suites are in ground floor have pool and inland view.

3 Sharing Pool Suite
26m2 2-4 guests shared terrace & swimming pool
For someone looking forward to spend lazy days by the poolside and at the same time avoiding other guests of the hotel, Sharing pool Suites (26 m2) could be the best choice.

4 Presidential Suite
36m2 up to 4 guests private balcony sea view
The Aloe Presidential Suite is really a state-of-art room. It offers the utmost privacy, services and views. This Suite is the highest spot in the hotel, therefore very much private for its residents.